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Every child needs to develop healthy dental hygiene skills, and several studies have shown that people who kick off their early years with healthy oral habits will continue to have healthier habits later in life. Adults who had good dental habits as children have more confidence later in life, and they also experience fewer issues with their teeth than children who lacked good dental habits.

Of course, as a parent, you know that your child probably isn’t the happiest camper when they hear it’s time for a dental visit. Our friendly team is trying to change that. From our comfortable and safe family services to the inviting environment and smiling staff members, we do everything we can to help children of all ages develop healthy dental habits.

Thanks to our kid-friendly activities and our approach to dentistry, your child will enjoy their dental visit! Parents are welcomed to accompany their children into the exam rooms where our dentists are ready to share helpful advice so your family can work on improved dental hygiene together.

Do you have any questions? Our friendly staff is always happy to address any questions or suggestions you may have regarding your child’s oral health. With our help, we think we can turn your child’s next dental visit into a happy one. If your child has special considerations, please just give us a call ahead of time and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. We look forward to being your general dentist for children in Bowie, Lanham & Largo!

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